BuildYOU Group Training is an affordable workout program for someone who may have a busy schedule and needs flexible, fun, and motivating workouts five days a week.


In Studio | Online | Hybrid Group Training

The BuildYOU fitness program is specifically designed to target an individual muscle group at time. By doing this, you will achieve optimum mind-to-muscle connection and achieve amazing results.  


The workouts are always innovative and never boring. Our routines evolve every season as Rachel will modify the goal from building muscle to leaning out, and vice versa. This triggers a change for our bodies and confuses the muscles, which promotes overall growth and long-term success. 

A typical week looks like this:

Mondays: Focus on biceps + chest 

Tuesdays: Focus on lower body 

Wednesday: Focus on triceps + back 

Thursdays: Plyo + cardio routine

Fridays: Focus on booty + glutes

Core is implemented on ALL days 


Our hybrid packages allow you to workout in studio with the group, or at home on your schedule. If you have questions, we're always here to help.  

In-Studio Group Training Policies: 

Depending on your availability you will be placed in a group class based on day and time. Those classes will have a reserved spot for you and you will need to be accountable for attending. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, we are only able to have a certain number of people per class, so if you cannot attend, please cancel at LEAST 24 hours in advance of the class so we may place another person. We understand emergencies do occur, but if you cannot provide 24 hours notice, you may lose that class from your monthly allotment. If you do provide at least 24 hours notice, you have the following week to make up your sessions. (ie. If you are 2x a week in house and are away for 1 week, you can come in 4x the week that you return)

If you must cancel your plan, you are required to let Rachel know at least a month in advance. Additionally, you are responsible for cancelling your plan on your account and removing your credit card from your account so you do not get charged again.