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Take a look at what our clients have to say about BuildYOU.
Their incredible transformations say it all.


My mom, Rachel, has helped me in one of the most challenging times in my life...postpartum.


Her classes have given me an outlet where I can feel strong and confident in my body.  


She has a true passion for her work and positivity that is contagious. Thanks mama!



I’ve always had lower back issues and explained this to Rachael when first meeting as I knew there would be certain things I would need to adjust. I decided to do a 1 month one on one personal training with her, and I am so glad I did.  After the first month, I decided to do another 2 months one on one and then Rachael told me I was ready for the classes.  The classes are amazing, they are circuits which are so much fun, I was finally in love with going to the gym as each day was different.  I left feeling mentally on another level and I could also see my body changing.  



Training regularly with Rachel has lifted my bottom, along with my confidence.


Her perfect blend of tough love will push your limits, but she also has the fun and trust you get from a best girlfriend - which is what makes her so special.


Plus, her personal fitness and form provide such inspiration. I want to look like her!


Anne Marie

Rachel is a fantastic fitness trainer - knowledgeable, balanced, motivating and fun! I’ve been working out with Rachel for one year and she’s been such a positive influence on my fitness routine creating personalized, effective and challenging workouts that create amazing results!!



I am 10 months postpartum and a work from home mom, so her hybrid online and in studio workouts are perfect for me and my schedule. Before I started with Rachel I was working out on my own, but I just wasn’t getting that extra push I needed. She has helped motivate me to push past that plateau and makes working out fun. I also love being a part of the BuildYOU community and working out alongside all these inspiring and strong people. I highly recommend Rachel!



Since I became a mom 10 years ago, I never found the inspiration and the courage to get back into a workout routine. Being a mom makes you feel like your life is last in your priorities. I gave birth to my third child and Rachel started giving video class with so much passion, energy and fun. She transmits such encouragement that you know you can do it. After 3 months post-partum, I lost 14 pounds but most importantly, I got back to a healthy way of life. I feel again the connection between my body and mind. 

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I’m a 43 year old restaurant manager. At my age, my normal workout was just not giving me the results I desired. After starting BuildYOU with Rachel, I’ve watched my body sculpt and strengthen. I now have the results I’ve always dreamed of. Through her constant encouragement, excellent muscle knowledge and exercise discipline, I have the body I’ve always wanted.



Rachel is a pro trainer, through and through. Each session she knows how to build the confidence within myself, raise the bar higher to keep growing and help me strive to meet the expectation and demand she so carefully orchestrates. Each session is combining the subtlety of fine tuning the techniques and increasing the challenge in weight or movement to achieve maximum results. It has been several years of working with Rachel, her commitment and my commitment yield results and keep me striving for a higher place within myself.  Thank you Rachel! 

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From my first class with Rachel I knew she was going to change my life. I’m 69 years old and had lots of physical issues, most of all bone loss. Rachael challenged me from day one to become a stronger, healthier, vibrant woman. Every class is different and a new challenge. I went from not being able to do a single sit up to doing two sets of 20. She has made me aware of what dedication and perseverance can bring and I will be forever thankful for the strong healthy life she has shown me. I feel better, look better, and am so much stronger. She gives you her all and no one can ask more than that.



“She changed my life” - that’s what I tell people when they ask me about Rachel and Build You Fitness.  


Over the last year I have lost 100lbs, I came to Rachel with the goal to be able to go on a hike without feeling like I’m gasping for every breath. Rachel helped me achieve so many of my health goals and to tone my body in a way I could have never imagined. Looking in the mirror and being proud of what I see is something that is priceless to me. I have never felt stronger healthier and more confident in my life! All thanks to Rachel and her amazing program!

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I’ve never been into fitness before, but as I’m getting older it’s been more difficult to stay fit and healthy.


Since starting the group training with Rachel, I’ve felt the best I’ve ever felt in my life. Rachel is not only an amazing trainer but a constant source of support and encouragement.


Not to mention, I love everybody in the 10 am group and how there is no judgment, just a bunch of awesome ladies after the same goal!

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I started training at BuildYou Fitness with Rachel only 6 months ago and I already see a big positive difference. I tried several gyms before BuildYou and encountered the same issues with all: 1) The workouts were not tailored to my needs or skill level. 2) I felt like a number, which made it easy for me to find an excuse not to go. Going to BuildYou helps keep me accountable as I know Rachel and all my 10am ladies will be there! I love the style of workouts we do and all the amazing women I train with 3 times a week! Rachel is very easy to get along with and she makes you feel feel like you’re a part of the group from the moment you walk in.

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After taking a 5 year hiatus from exercise (opening a business took up all my time!) I decided that when I turned 65 it was time to get back to the gym! Luckily I met Rachel, the owner/trainer of BuildYOU Fitness, and became part of the ladies who work out with her. Four years later, I am stronger, leaner and have so much energy! Even my bone density test has greatly improved due to the weight training portion of Rachel’s awesome program! Rachel is an amazing coach and wonderful source of support and encouragement to everyone she trains. Love her and all the women who I workout with at the 10am group!



Rachel has been my fitness trainer for nine months and I've really seen a transformation during this time.  I’ve committed to both one on one sessions for the first few months and then to group sessions,  enjoying both! Rachel is extremely knowledgeable, motivational and works to help me achieve my fitness goals, I strongly  recommend her as a personal trainer, and I look forward to continuing this journey with her.

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