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Meet Rachel

badass mama, owner & fitness trainer at buildYOU 

I am 52 years old and a mother of four beautiful children. Fitness and maintaining a healthy diet have not always driven me in life. My family has. However, as my children have grown up and my life has changed, getting fit and monitoring my food intake has taken a major role in my life.


Before my own personal transformation, I hit a plateau in my exercise and diet routine. It wasn’t until I sprained my hip playing tennis, that I found myself stuck at a crossroad. Where should I go next? I love tennis too much to surrender to this injury. I explored my options while healing and decided personal training could give me the boost I needed. My goal wasn’t so much to lose weight but to feel healthy again so, I trained twice a week and went on on a rigid diet.  With dedication, patience, and training, I lost 14 pounds and sculpted every inch of my body! I can confidently say I am now in the best shape of my life!

By grasping and understanding the balance between the two most important parts of my life, health and fitness and my family, I have begun a new way of life, one which I will never give up so long as it makes me as happy as it does. 

I am passionate in helping you find that missing gap in your lifestyle. Gaining new daily health habits, committing to a regular weekly workout routine and choosing to eat in a more mindful way.

I take great pride in using the knowledge that was given to me in personal training to help each individual according to their unique build and strength.

My goal is to stimulate your desire to reach your final target whether that be weight loss, muscle conditioning, or simply living. I will help to motivate you to greater heights and help you to feel renewed in your desire to bettering your self.

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